never felt so alive.

It is quiet, much too quiet. The only sounds you hear are those of the airplanes that fly over the city. You wish that one of those is yours, your way to return yourself to the other “you”. Your spontaneous, imaginative, special “you”. You met at a place that had made you so happy. Alive like never before. A small town far, far away from any of the worries and fears.  It was just you and a wonderful carelessness, with people who inspired you and impressions that left you enchanted.

Now it is over, and you feel numb and empty, left only with a silence that makes you doubt. Today only a few tears every single day and a slow fading feeling left behind and you are left hoping to be able to take it in your arms again soon.
The thanks for the wonderful time go to my two beautiful girls. – Brina & Tina
Thinking of New York and Nashville…